Blended Learning Frequently Asked Questions's.

Q. It took me almost four hours instead of two hours as stated in the email. In the future, you should let people know ahead of time so that they can plan ahead. 
3-4 hours should be a good estimate.  
A. The average time is 2 hours, some more, some less.

Q. What are the criteria for passing?

A. The course sections are forgiving and repeatable.

(Just repeat it until you get it correct)

Q. Do they track your time as a factor for passing?

A. No, everyone moves at their own pace.

Q. Would they let me pass if I answer most of the questions incorrectly?

A. A passing score without correcting any wrong answers is 80%

 Q. I wish that I had the opportunity to learn which ones are the right answers when I got something wrong.

A. The learning process is to go back to the teaching slides and learn the correct procedure and re-answer the question (vs someone telling you the answer).
This is a “self-learning” course with reinforcement coming from repeating the sections until you get it right.  The course administrator sees each students progress and knows if they “pass” or “fail”.  No one is allowed to complete the skills session until they complete the online and to successfully complete the online, they must “pass”.
The whole blended learning idea is to get away from a “score” on a test and learn to know the material, just a different way of learning that takes some getting used to sometimes.