ASHI Online Blended Learning Courses

Blended Learning courses are NOT the cheap “online courses” that you have seen and heard about from other companies. Online certification cards are not accepted by anyone because you can not adequately learn something merely from watching a training video about it. You must have interaction with a certified instructor and be able to practice the skills that you are learning on training manikins to fully understand the techniques and skills.

A Blended Learning course merges both online training with in-person skills practice and demonstration with a certified instructor to bring you the best of both worlds in a simple 3 step process.

With a Blended Learning course you have the flexibility of taking the course online on your computer watching the training videos in your own spare time, then when you have completed the online portion of the course you practice the skills that you learned in the videos on training manikins with a certified instructor coaching you along the way. Once you have had time to practice the skills you will then demonstrate the essential skills that you learned in the online portion of the class to a certified instructor who evaluates your performance. Once you are able to correctly demonstrate the required skills the instructor will sign off on your course and issue your certification card.

Employers know the difference between an “online course” and one where you actually performed the skills in front of an instructor with training manikins. The certification cards from our Blended Learning courses are recognized and accepted by employers nationwide, OSHA, the US Coast Guard, and federal, state and local governments as well as the DOE and DOH in all 50 states.

Digital Certification Cards: CPR Training  Center, Inc. utilizes ASHI’s printable, digital certification cards for this course for sustainability and client convenience.